Richard Handy

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The Reich Device

Professor Gustav Mayer makes a monumental discovery, but his secret is not safe – a new menace rises in 1930s Germany.

Mayer’s world spirals out of control; hunted by ruthless killers from the newly formed SS, a game of brinkmanship begins. Who is the grey man?  Assassin or protector?

The trail leads from Berlin to New York , Cairo, and then to London. What are German spies doing in South Africa? What does this have to do with big American corporations?

A showdown in the swamp-forests of Zululand and the duping of British intelligence might give Germany the upper hand. But the game is not over until the last man is standing – assassins on both sides have men to kill.


Richard Handy has always been interested in history, especially the first half of the 20th century encompassing the Great War, WWII, and the rise of the Soviet Union. This includes military events of course, but also how politics, espionage, and the power of new technology shaped human endeavour during this time.

He has also spent many years respectfully diving shipwrecks from both wars, including U-boats, and he is interested in battlefield archaeology. The tragic stories, the triumphs of technology, and the people behind such events have always fascinated him.

His first historical thriller in the The Reich Device trilogy was published in the autumn of 2015.

The Reich Device can be purchased directly from the publisher as a paperback or ebook at the link below or from your local bookshop.

Here are some of the comments on The Reich Device:

“. . . a rollicking spy thriller that pivots around intellectuals and ideas . . .”

“. . . driven by terrifically paced and visceral action . . .”

“. . . you are a formidably capable action writer . . .”

“. . . a compelling and stylishly written read . . .”